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Diy Roach Killer. Here is a wonderful graphic for diy roach killer. Sugar attracts the roaches, while the baking soda kills them as it dries them out.

2Ingredient Homemade Cockroach Bait (Safe NonToxic Recipe)
2Ingredient Homemade Cockroach Bait (Safe NonToxic Recipe) from

Combined with a sweet bait material like powdered sugar or honey, borax has long been an organic means of killing ant colonies, and it also works to kill roaches. You just need to add a few drops in a container and mix them with some liquid soap and water. If you put out baking soda on its own it’s unlikely to attract any roaches, so be sure to mix it with something sweet like powdered sugar.

2Ingredient Homemade Cockroach Bait (Safe NonToxic Recipe)

While not as potent as commercial roach baits, boric acid has been proven to be fairly effective against troublesome insects like termites and ants, a lot of homeowners are using the boric acid roach killer to rid their homes of roaches. Poisoned bait, presented in the form of bait gel, bait traps, powder, or pellets, is generally the most effective method of eradicating roaches. The sugar and cornstarch attract the roaches, while the shortening keeps. That way you have it for easy storage.