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Diy Wind Tunnel. The tunnel itself is just a duct. Whether you’re young, old, student, or teacher, building your own wind tunnel is easier than ever.

Wind tunnel DIY
Wind tunnel DIY from

Wind tunnel stem project for kids. Diy wind tunnel (lectures 9 & 10) wind tunnel used to measure lift for various airfoil shapes in project #7. Waller’s tunnel extends a few feet across a desktop, and sucks air in via a centrifugal fan at the rear of the chamber.

Wind tunnel DIY

The biggest aspect of this project is the parts required in order to build the apparatus. A wind tunnel can be used to test airplanes, automobiles, or anything that you want to see how well it passes through the air. Larger wind tunnels can be made with larger budgets. The main purpose of this project is to build a functional miniature diy wind tunnel to be used in physics classrooms and laboratories.