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Hanging Pitcher Plant. What is needed to save the plant through the winter? Since many nepenthes are vines, we suggest pruning the green stems back to encourage side shoots and a fuller plant.

Hanging Pitcher Plants (Nepenthaceae) Royalty Free Stock
Hanging Pitcher Plants (Nepenthaceae) Royalty Free Stock from www.dreamstime.com

Native to southeast asia and northern australia, pitcher plants are a great addition to your home. Because of this, it’s often found tangled in and supported by bushes and tree branches. It is getting daily sun yet temperatures are anticipated to drop into the 40's.

Hanging Pitcher Plants (Nepenthaceae) Royalty Free Stock

They are one of the popular carnivorous/insectivorous plants. The vines can also be trained up a stake or left to hang low in an elevated container such as a hanging basket. Our pitcher plant is hanging outside in a greenbelt area. You can grow them almost anywhere in the home, a terrarium or a greenhouse.