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Home Pregnancy Test Diy. If no reaction takes place between the salt and urine, you’re not pregnant. We have listed 15 homemade pregnancy tests which use cost effective and easily available as home remedies with ingredients like vinegar, bleach, baking soda, mustard powder, toothpaste, pine sol, hydrogen peroxide, tylenol and other ingredients.

Cool Myth Homemade Pregnancy Test GAY & LESBIAN
Cool Myth Homemade Pregnancy Test GAY & LESBIAN from glfamilies.blogspot.com

A little expensive and time taking but wine test is another reliable method to test pregnancy at home. Take half a cup of wine and add an equal amount of urine to it. 4.4 homemade pregnancy test with soap.

Cool Myth Homemade Pregnancy Test GAY & LESBIAN

Performing home pregnancy test using soap is extremely easy. 4.6 homemade pregnancy test with pine sol. Performing the test itself is extremely easy.place a small piece of soap in an empty cup.put this bar of soap in a clean bowl and then pour a sample of urine collected in the morning on this bar of soap. What are diy pregnancy tests.