How To Grow Ranunculus at Homegarden

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How To Grow Ranunculus. These vibrant bloomers are great for potting or planting in your own garden. Regardless of your environment, you will need to choose a location where your ranunculus will receive full sun and keep in mind that these flowers also have a pretty large.

How to Grow Ranunculus Floret Flowers
How to Grow Ranunculus Floret Flowers from

Place your ranunculus bulbs in water at room temperature for a few hours to hydrate them before planting. After soaking, the bulbs should increase in size and have a plump look. This stage isn’t necessary, but it will speed up the sprouting process.

How to Grow Ranunculus Floret Flowers

Fill the pot with yates potting mix with dynamic lifter. Try growing ranunculus from seed if you cannot purchase tubers. Once soaked, plant the corns claws down, 2in deep, into individual pots filled with potting compost mixed with some grit to aid drainage. See below for instructions on how to grow ranunculus.