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Parijat Plant. Parijat plant also known as night blooming jasmine or coral jasmine in english is an ornamental tree having immense medicinal potential and is commonly used in ayurveda and homeopathy. Parijat flowers bloom at night and drop down from the plant in the morning.

PARIJAT Aarogya Aaj
PARIJAT Aarogya Aaj from

This tree has a tall trunk and big leaves, which resemble the peepal tree leaves (ficus religiosa). Various parts of the plant like seeds, leaves, flowers, bark, and fruit have some medicinal value and used in the folk remedy. Harsingar is also known as night.

PARIJAT Aarogya Aaj

Parijat is a highly ornamental and medicinal flowering plant. Grow it in a location with moderate sunlight and water deeply only when the few inches of the top layer is dry. Read more to learn about this. One such thing was the parijat tree.