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Straw Mulch For Vegetable Garden. Mulch is a layer of material, organic or inorganic, layered over the surface of the soil. Maybe grass clippings are best.

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Not only that, you can’t even compost the contaminated straw because the toxins (usually aminopyralid or its cousin clopyralid) stick around and will destroy whatever. Straw is a low cost, easy to use mulch that will stop weds, keep moisture in the soil and add organic matter to your garden. In fact, most mulch labeled “hardwood mulch” is not what you want for your organic vegetable garden—unless you can verify the source and how the mulch is made.

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Because of its high nitrogen content, pea straw mulch is suitable for weak soils. Straw is a good choice for vegetable gardens because it breaks down quickly and helps to retain moisture in the soil. This type of mulch promotes growth and protects roots from extreme weather conditions. It’s clean, it’s light, and it breaks down relatively easily, giving your plants more of what they need to grow.