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Sweet Broom Plant. Just a few sprays can add a lot of fragrance and excitement to cut arrangements. Dosing none suggested because of the lack of clinical data.

Las Aventuras Sweet Broom
Las Aventuras Sweet Broom from gardeningandthespanishway-rohrerbot.blogspot.com

Soil ph acidic, neutral, alkaline: Sweetbroom has been used as a remedy for diabetes in india and hypertension in taiwan. Sweet broomweed has been investigated for its antimalarial, antiulcer, antipyretic, and aphrodisiac activity as well as for its cytotoxic activity against cancer cells.

Las Aventuras Sweet Broom

Sweet broom (cytisus x spachianus), also known as easter broom, is a flowering deciduous shrub with upright arching branches. They are widely spread throughout the united states with particular success in sunset's climate zones 7. Try growing sweet broom shrubs in groups as a hedge or border with brilliant yellow flowers and stems of wild abandon. Genista spachiana, cytisus spachianus), is a species of flowering plant in the legume family fabaceae, native to the canary islands, on la palma and tenerife.